The Town of Eldenbar

Calling Eldenbar a town is a bit of misnomer. It is more of a glorified village, and has only recently begun expanding due to the increased lumber trade. Eldenbar is located near the western border of The High Forest, in the northern reaches of Faerun. The lumber trade, expanding into the high forest, have recently uncovered a series of ancient ruins close to the forests edge. Nobody knows why they have remained hidden for so long, but as of yet many areas of the ruins have yet to be fully explored, and the ruins appear Elvish in nature. This has caused many adventurers to flock to the area, along with traders, suppliers, musicians, merchants, craftsmen and other people who stand to profit from the influx of individuals seeking fame and fortune within the shadowy ruins.

Adventurers have been called to Eldenbar for various reasons. The lumber companies, the mysterious new inhabitant of the tower, and many other village folk have tasks to offer willing hands, and the sudden growth in popularity of the village due to the discovery of the ruins has finally given the villager’s access to champions who can aid them in their struggles.

Important places:
Chapel of the Earthmother
Tharendol Goods and Sundry
Lumber Companies
Town Hall


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